About Dhruv Oza

Hey mate! This is the about page of my blog where you would get information about me that means about Dhruv Oza.

I want to connect with you on a basic human level so that you can not consider me as a ‘stranger‘ but as a ‘friend‘.

That’s the reason why I’ve created this page, to share information about me to make you a part of my life by becoming your friend.

Below is some of the most basic information about me and you’ll also know the reason why I’ve started this blog.

Let’s get started.

Who is Dhruv Oza?

I’m Dhruv (you know that), but a management student with specialization in the marketing sector (as an education).

In this ever growing world, and with all things going towards digital (online) medium such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and SaaS products (Software as a Service). I’m inclined towards Digital Marketing (as a profession).

And that’s why I’ve a Degree in Digital Marketing from Google.

But my interests are very limited and I only focus on making money blogging through affiliate marketing by becoming a new-gen entrepreneur and escaping the rat-race while living a life I truly deserve.

What do I do?

I help people like you to create their own digital asset a blog and start making money via affiliate marketing and scale it over the long term to make passive income.

Why do I do this?

I’m a 20 year old man, who’s on his way to escape the rat-race and trying to make it big in this massive billion dollar industry.

And one thing I’ve learned during this pandemic is that, there is no certainty of a game called life, anyone can be laid-off from their jobs and be left alone stuggling with nothing.

Therefore, I’ve decided to create my own digital asset, my blog, the one you’re reading right now and become a new-gen entrepreneur by making money online and live a life I truly deserve while also helping others to do so.

Why Should You Care about this?

I have a simple reason behind starting this blog:

To Escape The Rat-Race And Live A Life I Truly Deserve”.

I want to travel different places and only work a few hours a week from anywhere in the world and scale my digital assets over the long term so that I can make money while sleeping.

And I know this is what you wish of achieving one day too. And that’s the only reason why you should care about becoming a new-gen entrepreneur.

What is my purpose behind this?

As I launched this blog on March 13th, 2021. I realised that there are many people like you & me who are struggling in their daily life, surviving on a monthly paycheck while being trapped in the rat-race.

So I decided to not only become a new-gen entrepreneur but also help other people in becoming a successful new-gen entrepreneur.

This is my main purpose behind starting this blog and would fulfill it by hustling daily.

That’s it for now mate. Don’t worry I’ll keep updating this page and share alot more information about me but for today this is it.